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Connecticut Women’s Summit: Join us on Veterans Day; Tuesday, November 11th as we Celebrate Female Soldiers!

Proceeds from this event will be donated to Female Soldiers: Forgotten Heroes!

p1-cust-as-soldier-CGuest Speaker: Lauren Cust 

Lauren comes from a long line of veterans, so it was natural for her to sign up for the military in July 2006.

“My great-grandfather, who immigrated from Italy, earned his citizenship fighting in World War I for the United States,” Ms. Cust said. “A family member has been in every war since.”

Ms. Cust, who grew up in Ridgefield, was honorably discharged from the Army Reserve in September 2011. Her total tour — including time in Iraq — was 15 months.

“It is especially hard on women to readjust to civilian life because we are considered the nurturers in families,” she said. “It is so hard to go from having to have your emotions turned off in combat and to come home and nurture a family.”

“I was struggling with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) but I didn’t want to admit it,” she said.

Ms. Cust said veterans face many struggles, such as finding employment, housing and support. Then there are those somewhat hidden struggles that many also face.

This event is coming up quickly and seating is limited.  Check out the details and register here!


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The Connecticut Women’s Alliance (CWA) consists of energetic women from all walks of life who want to help every woman take the next step toward better health, spiritual growth, success in business and financial stability. The purpose of the organization is to support the advancement of women and girls through educational programming and events. The proceeds of these events are donated to nonprofit charitable organizations that have a very similar mission to our own.

This year we will be supporting Female Soldiers: Forgotten Heroes. The Judy Dworin Performance Project, Connecticut Women’s Education & Legal Fund (CWEALF), and Life Haven have been our past recipients.

The CWA’s main event, the Connecticut Women’s Conference, has been attended by women (and young ladies) from all over Connecticut, southern New England and New York!

Our Conference keynote speakers have included Joan Anderson (author of An Unfinished Woman and A Weekend to Change Your Life), Deborah Rodriguez (author of A Cup of Friendship and founder of the Kabul Beauty School) and Ronita Johnson (creator of Celebrating our Inner Queen and author of Coming to Forgiveness).

Our goal for each event is simple; to be sure every attendee leaves refreshed, renewed and inspired while providing them fuel for their journey!

If  you would like more information or, perhaps, become involved please Contact Us today! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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